About Slim Dream Shake

Delicious, invigorating, fragrant and delicate cocktail is the best start to the day. Just a few minutes to prepare and you can enjoy the benefits of natural ingredients and help your body burn fat.

What it Is?

How to quickly bring your body into perfect condition? How to get rid of excess fat and folds on the abdomen, cellulite and related problems? Solution found! Thanks to the unique beneficial properties of the original drink Slim Dream Shake body cleansing supplement, you can not only remove toxins, but also speed up your metabolism. The all-natural dietary supplement is the perfect alternative to morning tea or coffee. Thanks to the content of high-quality ingredients, the product has a targeted effect on fat cells and helps to speed up the metabolism in a natural way. The 100% vegan, non-GMO and chemical-free formula creates real miracles and has a positive effect on the body.

More than 100,000 customers have already evaluated the effectiveness of the application Slim Dream Shake for weight loss and you can join them. That's why it's a great replacement for tablets and capsules:

  • Fast cooking.
  • Only herbal ingredients.
  • High efficiency.
  • Absolutely compatible with any diet and training program.
  • Natural and safe formula.
  • Pleasant berry flavor.

Realizing all the benefits of this formula, you will definitely make it the main tool of your diet. Benefits are not limited to weight loss. Regular use of an organic cocktail helps to improve the skin, strengthen hair and nails. You can normalize the state of the endocrine and cardiovascular systems, cleanse the liver and intestines. Before making a decision, we recommend that you carefully read our review and find out if it is worth your money?

How It Works?

From the first days of using the product, you can observe an improvement in well-being, restoration of normal metabolism and an increase in the effectiveness of the chosen method of losing weight. Find the main opportunities to purchase this supplement - the results are phenomenal. Based on the above facts, we can conclude that the product really works. It is not recommended to use if you are allergic to any of the components.


By increasing the intervals between meals, you can reduce the total number of calories during the day. The vast majority of experts believe that this product has a positive effect. In all its properties and characteristics, this supplement is better than what is offered on the market. You will finally be able to cope with existing problems without additional difficulties. This product deserves your attention. This complex includes all the necessary microelements to maintain the health of the whole body. Read directions for use before use.


The acceleration of metabolism will provoke a more intense lipid metabolism. This will enable you to lose weight faster.

Weight loss

In just 1 month of this diet, your results will be impressive. The manufacturer assures fast and permanent weight loss.


Slim Dream Shake description tells us that this drink functions as a natural appetite blocker.

Choose the Best Weight Loss Method!

You can choose and combine a wide variety of fat burning and body shaping methods. But let's compare them in terms of efficiency?

Compare efficiency:


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What is the secret Slim Dream Shake for burning fat? The authors of this supplement claim that the secret lies in the unique properties of the ingredients that make up this product. The formula is infused with apple fiber, which is an ideal tool for cleansing the intestines and blood vessels. In addition, the product contains fiber derived from blackcurrant and chokeberry. It promotes faster breakdown and processing of protein, improves metabolism. Bitter orange extract is a source of vitamin C, and also causes a thermogenic effect for enhanced fat burning even with minimal exercise. For the vast majority of people, this dietary supplement can actually be beneficial. Losing weight naturally is the key to your health. A great way to correct your figure without strict or heavy loads. You will look great after this supplement. This is a useful and effective solution for your health and beauty. As with other supplements, the results of using this product largely depend on your desires. Please note that this herbal formula does not cause a thermogenic effect and does not create additional stress on the central nervous system.

Cooking method:

There are an endless number of different cocktail recipes that you can make with this supplement. The easiest option is 150 ml of water + 2 teaspoons of powder. Mix well and take with breakfast. In addition, you can improve the drink and experiment with its properties. Mix the dietary supplement with any fruit, berries, organic milk, or other ingredients. Thoroughly grind all the ingredients until smooth in a blender. Instant effect in just a few minutes. A powerful action has a feature in the form of a cumulative result, so you can definitely get it. Having appreciated the superiority of this supplement, you no longer want to change it to others. An excellent solution for those who want to quickly get into great shape.

Already today you can Slim Dream Shake order in the online store and start your summer preparation program. The product is highly acclaimed by experts, nutritionists and athletes. Due to its universal consistency and 100% organic basis, the dietary supplement is suitable for any gender and age. Today it is one of the safest ways to lose weight.


How Many Servings Are in One Packet?

By ordering one package, you get approximately 20 servings of a ready-made cocktail. This is quite enough to see the benefits and useful properties of the product. But you may need more time to achieve the desired result. By ordering 3 packages, you can get an additional 3 as a gift. Read more on the seller's website.

Is it Safe For My Health?

Slim Dream Shake USA is a completely safe and natural dietary supplement. The product is available without a prescription and can be used as a primary or secondary treatment for your body.

When Will the First Results Appear?

This is individual. Many customers report clear improvements as early as 5-7 days after starting to use the product. Results will largely depend on your level of physical activity, eating habits, and other factors.

Are Side Effects Possible?

We are dealing with an organic supplement that does not contain chemicals, GMOs or other questionable ingredients. If you are a healthy adult with no health problems, using this formula should not cause any side effects or allergies. Even so, we strongly recommend that you contact your doctor and get his or her approval to use the product.

Is This Supplement Sold in Pharmacies?

No, Slim Dream Shake pharmacy does not sell. But you can always take advantage of the offer of the official website and place an online application for an order right now.

How Long Will I Wait For My Parcel?

The seller claims that delivery only takes a few days. For more information about the cost and Slim Dream Shake delivery time, check the official website.

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